Myths About Shower Doors

Myths and misconceptions are all over the place. In fact, you’ll learn quickly that many myths about shower doors frederick county md exist. If you’re ready to install durable shower doors in your bathroom, don’t allow those myths to stop you. Read below to learn some of the most common shower door myths and the truth behind the matter.

Shower Doors Explode

You won’t see any shots from a 1980s Mel Gibson action movie in your bathroom. There has been speculation that shower doors explode and thus are dangerous but there is no truth behind this. Leave your worries behind and get a new shower door installed if this is an upgrade that you really want!

Protective Coating Means the Door is Maintenance Free

Most people who install new shower doors in their bathroom apply a protective glass coating to the door first. This provides more durability and protects the glass. However, many people falsely believe this means their door is now maintenance free and that simply isn’t the case.

Shower Doors leak

A faulty shower door or one that is damaged can certainly leak and cause an array of problems as the result. One that is old and has exceeded its lifetime may also leak. However, a correctly installed shower enclosure is air-tight so water seepage isn’t a concern. You can use the shower door without worry!

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Leave the Myths Behind

Have you heard any of the myths listed here in the past? If so, now you know the truth and can install the shower doors as you see fit, without any worry. These myths are just a handful of the many that are out there, but among the most common. Don’t let them stop you from making the bathroom improvements that you really want and need.